Pass the TOmato Juice….I’ve been Skunked!!!!

21 Feb

The smell of skunk still lingers and it will take at least until the next trip for the smell and thought of getting skunked to air itself out from the mind, body and soul.  I’m even considering a Intravenous transfusion of Tomato Soup to help speed my recovery.  I can’t recall the last skunking that I took on a trout stream, but from what I do recall of it I think it came from this same stream a few years back.  Don’t get me wrong about the NBP, it’s a beautiful stream and a great float trip.  The upper and lower sections both are plentiful with trout in the wild and stocked varieties.     

Despite getting punched in the face by Mother Nature’s occasional gale force winds and then getting kicked in the NUTS by Mr Trouts lack of cooperation, it was a good trip as far as company and a comfy boat ride goes.  Blue bird skies, warm temps, good food, cold beer, plenty of laughs, a 2 day old fresh stocking of fish, no problems with the boat, or running shuttle (thanks to JMM).  We did have a few chasers and a take or 4 here and there but nothing to hand.  Personally I blame it on Teddy for;  1.  Not drinking any of the beer I brought (wife probably told him he couldn’t).  2.  Spending 99.9% of the trip on the Lean-Bar (see reason 3).  3.  Rowing the boat around like a 1 armed kid with turrets syndrome scaring the shit out of me  (was his first time).  So basically like I said I blame 90% of the skunk on Teddy and around 10% on myself, but I’m sure I can think of ways to lower that 10% (CFS drop from 680 to 370 less than 24 hrs of our arrival and water temps in the 37-40 range).  

STOP HERE if you expect to see anything of the Trout variety below…………’s not all about the fishing…….or is it???   

On the Road to Shangri-La.

Yet did we know that smell was not only from the plant but from the skunking we were about to get.

The Prius gives birth to the Nanner.

Access to Shangri-La.

Locked and Loaded.

Famous "Is this thing on?" GoPro camera picture. Anyone who owns a GoPro gets at least 4 or 5 of these a trip.

The first stop.

Teddy playing the Re-Rig Game.

Your's truely after rowing a class 8 rapid.

Picture perfect section of water that usually produces 15-20 trout.

Lunch time with Mr Mountain House

Built in Prius Rod holder.

The End


2 Responses to “Pass the TOmato Juice….I’ve been Skunked!!!!”

  1. JMM February 22, 2011 at 7:51 AM #

    When you take the banana boat over the heads of all of those banana trout your only asking to be cursed. Every time I saw one of those mutant fish I moved to another hole. Teddy should have brought his bow along and went bow fishing for them.

    • MurphyK February 22, 2011 at 8:49 AM #

      The Nanner is usually like moths to a flame for nanner trout. I’ll send you a pic of the nanner trout i caught in the lower section of the NBP….nanner yellow with a big red stripe down the side.

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