Tetanus Shots Required for Entrance

25 Feb

The S.C.O.F Tie-One-On-Athon is spreading like Herpies in China Town.

This post was HiJacked from The Fiberglass Manifesto (a storyteller much like that lady your dad banged to get you into this world).

S.C.O.F. Tie-One-On-Athon

Southern Culture On The Fly may still be putting the pieces to their new online magazine venture together but they’ve found the time and energy to organize the Tie-One-On-Athon event in Asheville this coming Sunday, February 27th and it looks like a neat way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Tie-One-On-Athon was created to support the Western North Carolina Chapter of Project Healing Waters and will feature a growing list of fly tiers, barbecue, local micro brewery beer, and a long list of door prizes that can be won for those that attend.  The price of a ticket is $10 and they can be purchased at any of the Curtis Wright Outfitters locations.

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