Please No…Not another Hunting Show!!!!

4 Mar

Jason and the boys at KillBillies Outdoors have been on a busy ride here of late.  Traveling the states appearing in trade shows to pettle their merchandise (trying to sell semen, blood and plasma to pay the bills) and securing a deal with the Versus Channel to air not only hunting but fishing.  Thank god the guys at KB have taken a liking to the fly rod, if you’ve seen one rich asshole covered in Doe urine, in a 3000 square foot ground blind hunting on 10000 acres of private land you’ve seen them all…the world would be a kinder gentler, everybody love everybody (ELE for you Tropic Thunder fans) place with more fishing shows, especially fly fishing.  Hopefully with a little persuasion we can get them away from that shitty “Getting Guided” format 99% of the fly shows are doing now, yes fly rod chronicles I’m talking about you.  I put on a better show standing naked doing the helicopter in front of the bathroom morrow, that image will be stuck in your mind all day won’t it?

Also the Crew at KB have been rewarded with what all companies wish for, a pro staffer who actually generates quality advertising.  John Wheeler of West Virginia shot a perfect 900 with Killbillies Outdoors arrow wraps last week at the National Field Archery Association’s World Archery Festival in Las Vegas. Wheeler’s perfect score came during the flight portion of competition, and he finished in first place in Flight 1. This was the first perfect 900 round ever shot in the Bowhunter Freestyle Class.


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