Foam is where the Heart is.

15 Mar

Winter… thing it does for sure is make me think of warmer times, when fishing can take place in almost any form of H2O.  During the winter months my best friend is my Vice, I call her Tweeker.   I’m  loosing my fucking mind me thinks?  I think it might be all the fumes from the various sharpies, super glue, head cement and epoxy concoctions that I’ve been using to create my latest forms of fake fish food.  Is it a bad thing if sometimes super glue puts off a smoke with certain materials?  What about when you mix the expoy in a plastic cup and it gets so hot you can’t touch it?  Am I the only one or did I just not read the directions?  So here are the 2 flies I’m learning to tye …..with some instructional help from Hatches Magazine. 

1.  Todd’s Wiggle Minnow  (It’s like money in the bank.)  

2.  The Zaggin Zook   (Just wait till you see this sized up to about a 0/2 hook!!!)


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