Piss on this weather, there is fishing to be done.

21 Apr

With the rain letting up just enough to tease before the stream guages get blown out again by that bitch of a mother nature we said fuck it and packed up the gear, boat, and coolers for a rondavu on the Watauga river.  I met up with Ryan and Chris for a short float on friday that was productive but only slightly beyond just getting a line wet.  That night we were joined by Tim the broken heart Doctor from theDrake Forum for arnold palmers and Vodka until late into the night.  Saturday mourning Shane joined in, also from the Drake, for a lazy river boat ride down the Trophy section of the Watauga river followed by some post generation wading.  Repeating it all again on Sunday minus Shane.  The fishing wasn’t the best we’ve done on these sections of river but who can really complain about floating down a river, drinking beer, eating food and fly fishing with NO OTHER BOATS IN SIGHT?  We did manage a few nice fish and the weather held out for the most part with a few sprinkles here and there.  I would like to indulge everyone with our after hour shenanigans but my contract, nor wedding vows will allow it.   Enjoy.

One Response to “Piss on this weather, there is fishing to be done.”

  1. Charles Surholt July 5, 2011 at 2:13 PM #

    I know about the bad fishing and then drowning it with beer. That always makes the bad fishing day become a fish story. Good luch next time.

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