Cookie Cutters my ASS!!!!

24 Oct

The term “Cookie Cutter” gets tossed around frequently when sizing fish amongst friends (A.K.A. Competition) on the stream.  What most, if not all of us Eastern ladies and gents are used to is the 8-14 inch variety of Cookies which are the meat and potato of our fishing trip platters (or Koos-Koos and Tabouli for you far-west Western readers).  Really you can’t even start a Cookie Cutter category on a stream until you reach a descent fish count of around 15-2o.  At that point only the larger fishes matter and the ego boosting measuring stick comes out to play.  Fortunately enough for us the ruler for the cookie cutter was set at a high mark on the first float of the trip.  With only a half day to play with we opted  for a 1.5 mile float that we were told, insert Premier Fly Shop and Driftboat Oar’s with X-Series Skiffs plug here, could turn into a solid half day if we beat up the water out of the boat and just sipped  on our PBRs.  Needless to say we could have turned those 2.5 miles into a whole day, not because of the beer sipping,  and the rest of the trip blossomed from that.  Minus the piss poor 20 fish day on the snake.


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