The Next Generation-X

26 Nov

The spawn is pretty much over for our fine Brown friends and a new generation is growing under the rocks on the Trashy Treasure.  Mitch and I took a well deserved break from life and headed out to find Leroy and his friends to see if they wanted to come out and play.  The water was oddly low and clear despite two solid days of rain.  We think the flows combined with Leroy’s post spawn lethargy is why the fishing was unusually slow.  It’s kinda scary when you can call a 50 fish day between 2 people a slow day.  We did manage to hook a few nice fish, 1 particularly Dark fish both of us hooked and lost.  It amazes me every time I get to fish this stream, a rare opportunity exists  to catch and/or see fish stretching across the whole life cycle.  I bet I caught 20 fingerling browns and 10 bows in about 1 hour on the last day of the trip swinging soft hackles.  So despite not getting to see or hold old man Leroy or Red it was nice to see all the children out feeding on top and bottom.  Best assure we will be back when Leroy and Red have had time to rest.



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