We’re Off to C the Wizard…

9 Dec

Dad and I set our sights on searching for steelhead the weekend after Thanksgiving in PA.  Although delicious all we found was chocolate milk flowing down the river.  So instead of waiting out the weather we headed farther North for Newwww….Yoooork (singing voice) to fish a few of their tail-waters.  Flows were great and the fish were active, the weather……Not so much.  It rained, and rained, and rained, and rained, then rained some more, then it started to rain, and rain and rain, finally IT RAINED!!!  Despite the wonderful rain a few more people were on the stream than anticipated, but nothing close to October King or November Brown asshole to elbow numbers.  The fish were pretty active at times eating white woolies and clown eggs.

 Nothing but browns were brought to hand with a few steelhead refusals and brief hookups.  Dad, sporting his new Noodle rod, I’m still not sure what a noodle rod is exactly, managed to reel in his fair share of browns.  Like most trips the most memorable part was after tying on a fly for him then reminding him to be careful of the overhanging tree that had already captured what looked like at least 400 other lines in it…..I knew by the sound of his voice that he was already in the tree.  This is why I love to fish!!!!

For those of you who care I get the pleasure of heading to New York today with those Fancy Nancy’s from Gink and Gasoline in search of something fishy.  Last years trip brought us closer to the answer everyone is looking for, but we sold that along with our dignity to the highest bidder.  Keep an eye out on the fly fishing (or playgirl) magazine world and you might see another Cahil special of our mugs in a magazine at some point in the new year.


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