Downloading from the Memory Vault: The Other Side

23 Dec

A few months ago Chris, Ryan, and I put all our fishing chips on the table and bet on the airlines to get us out West to Utah in a timely, safe fashion; complete with all our fishing gear.  Past experiences have left deep, sometimes festering, scars with Chris and Ryan so they decided to ship a good bit of gear out via UPS (smart move!!).  Surprisingly EVERYTHING on the airlines side of things worked out perfectly.  No flights delayed, no gear lost or stolen and the security lines were no slower than expected.  Ditto for the return flights home.

Unfortunately I arrived first in the in the Land that brought us the Second Great Awakening (I ate a Mormon once and he was delicious).  The unfortunate part of arriving first is you get to be the guy that braves the massive lines and bending over at the car rental companies.  I guess when you approach something that is in any way shape or form revolved around the airlines you should approach it with the lowest possible hopes and a completely negative attitude so not to be disappointed.  Surprised once again EVERYTHING went smoothly.  No lines, great price on a full sized SUV and they even carried my 42.7 pound gear bag for me out to the Tahoe.  After loading up the White-Ho and gathering some grub for a few days we continued onwards into Idaho to pick up our rental Skiff from Premier (NoSportsAllowed).  Thankfully after a few last minute phone calls, Ryan used some sort of Jedi mind trick on Royce and the Skiff was there waiting fully loaded (map with secret locations and a full party keg).  Now at this point the rest of the trip gets a little fuzzy since it was basically all fishing all the time, so the exact day and order of things might be a little off…………………………………..

………………… be continued.


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