Memory Vault 2nd edition

25 Dec

Now I’m pretty sure we drove to our Idaho destination, figured out a put in, then picked up the boat.  Next we headed to what was supposed to be a campsite but our now infected with the plague friend Chris was determined to sleep in a motel, which he volunteered to pay for since he couldn’t convince neither Ryan or myself to fully commit to the idea on the first day of the trip.  The DIY factor did not include hotel hopping the entire trip.  So a good night sleep in a hotel we had, with a toilet that wouldn’t fully flush or a shower that slowly turned into a shallow tub of your very own dirty water.  The beds were comfortable, the A/C and TV worked, plus they had Wi-Fi so who could really complain.  I did get to sleep with Chris that night since Ryan was now starting to feel the power of Chris’s infectious plague and I am immune to the common cold since I deal with sickness on a daily basis at work.  I don’t remember sleeping with stuffed animals but I remember having a shit-ton of them and I could imagine it was about the same as sleeping with Chris.

We were pretty close to the put-in so there was no need to get up at the ass crack of dawn and the float was not one that many do outside of the local population.  Why I have no idea, I’m sure the Snake has days were you pass out from exhaustion from catching so many fish but from my experience this stream kicked it’s ass.  It was fish on right from the start all the way to the end.  If we would have hooked half of the fish we moved we would have broken world records on number of fish caught in a day.  I’ve had days like this before with Ryan on the Watauga in TN but nothing like the size we found in Idaho.  Two things are big in Idaho;  their fish and their beards.  I bet I saw 8 leprechauns and 12 Paul Bunion impostors walking around town.  One of which we were looking for specifically to try and steal his gold that went unsuccessfully.  We found his ride but apparently he was holding a F2A2 (Fly Fishing Addicts Anonymous) meeting in the basement of the store we tracked him to.  I bet he was full of fly fishing gold.


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