The 4 handed Crossover Technique, I Usually have to Pay Extra for That.

12 Jan

I’ve jammed many a rod together in the past, which always results in 1 of 2 things happening.  Snap or Thouump (the good sound).  I’ve tried many things before all either recommended to me or things that I’ve read about online.  I won’t go into them all because the scars run deep and therapy is getting expensive.  I will tell you about one that has worked and makes complete sense.  It’s all about leverage!!!


After using the slight of hand rod purchasing trick with the wife I was able to pick up a redington CPX 8wt for a trip up to New York.  Somehow after unpacking at the lodge I managed to jam 2 of my rod sections together.  Louis, with his Yedi like hands, watched a little as I continued to struggle before interveining with an easy trick to get them apart.  Literally took 2 seconds.  Instead of confusing you, I’ll save myself the time and effort of tying out how to do this and just let you watch a video that was put together by some funny guys over at Pacific Fly (video found on EVOanglers).


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