A Congregation of Hunters

6 Feb

In preparation for the upcoming spring musky “season” (they can be fished all year round I know) Brother Manning and I headed out to a local Muskellunge stretch that we have never fished before.  Brother Manning said enough is enough at work and turned in his apron, ass-less chaps, whips, hand cuffs and gave me a call to get the boat ready KUZ we going musky hunt-N.  With that said we only had a few hrs of daylight and we made quick work of the left bank and started our way up stream to explore the right bank.  Jason and some buddies have Yaked on this section last summer, hooking up with a Big-Tooth while using bait IE: hooked up on a small-mouth.  Apparently musky’s don’t like Yakers fishing in their waters either,as he made quick work of the small-mouth fighting for his life on a 5 weight.  Insert Musky with Eddy Murphy’s RAW standup comedy voice.  Despite our short but best efforts we left the river Musky-less, but still feeling successful as we left with only a little blood being shed.

Ryan and I are tossing around the idea of pulling the beginners luck rabbit out of our fly boxes and entering the Musky World Championship down in Ta Ta Ta Tennessee.  Even if we don’t take home the gold pimp cup, the education I’m sure we’ll get will be worth the entry fee.

The inaugural Musky Fly Fishing World Championship Tournament, presented by Towee Boats, will be held on Saturday, March 24th. This one day catch and release tournament will feature fishing on the Caney Fork and Collins Rivers near McMinnville, Tennessee with proceeds going to Musky conservation efforts. While this is a competitive event, organizers point out that the focus will be on fishing, food and fellowship among a group of great anglers.

The tournament series will move to Hayward, Wisconsin for 2013 and continue on a yearly North – South rotation.

Participating anglers will enjoy a BBQ reception on Friday night and a Cajun style awards dinner at the Foglight Foodhouse on Saturday night along with an event T shirt and great door prizes. The entry fee is $100 per angler and the number of entrants may be capped. Rules and entry details will be posted by January 16th at Musky Fly Fishing World Championship on Facebook and http://www.muskychampionship.com or you may contact Towee Boats at 931-743-4860 or by emailtodd@toweeboats.com

Tournament Sponsors Include:

2 Responses to “A Congregation of Hunters”

  1. Richard February 6, 2012 at 9:19 PM #

    I already have to dodge angler eating creatures in the woods (Grizzlies, Wolves, Mt. Lions, and Sasquatch), the thought of stripping in a fish that can eat a couple of digits off my left hand just seems a little sketchy. But I have always admired Musky flies, those things are sweet! Great pics!

    • CharlieMurphy February 6, 2012 at 11:12 PM #

      I have caught very few musky over the 2 years fishing for them, but the fact that I have caught them is a plus in my book. Still haven’t broken the 30 inch mark and a true musky in my book is 40+ inches. The beauty of the flies are the bigger and uglier the better. Lots of glue and epoxy with big fly thread that never breaks while tying. Each fly takes about 20 minutes to make and sometimes longer if your making something new or using a drimel tool to shape foam. They are a lot of fun to make but the trials of fishing for musky can be tuff. Lots of big casting around big heavy timber. And they are a frustratingly curious fish that will come right to the boat make 2 figure 8’s and just calmly swim away, then come back again and strike. The most violent strike you will ever see in fresh water.

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