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It’s like half dog half cat……it’s a Cog?

21 Aug

The NRS Clearwater Drifter (Field and Stream)
Check out this drift boat… no really… look closer… can you tell what makes it special? It’s a drift boat. No, it’s an inflatable raft. Actually, it’s both—an inflatable watercraft that has a frame and is shaped like a dory. This boat generated a lot of buzz at IFTD, and actually won a “Best of Show” award in the watercraft category.

It’s inflatable. The Clearwater Drifter ($5995 MSRP) is made of drop stitch PVC, can be inflated to around 9 psi, which creates a rigid, framed dory that offers the ability to bounce off rocks like a rubber raft, yet track quietly and silently like a drift boat. It’s 17 feet long, and 82 inches wide at the beam between oarlocks.

The boat is made of drop stitch PVC. The cool part is that it can be shipped via UPS in a surprisingly small box, frame and all. What that really means is that it can be broken down and stored in the corner of a garage, or transported to the river in the back of an SUV or station wagon. You don’t need to trailer it, but you could. If you’re someone like me who has always wanted a drift boat, but has never been able to convince the Mrs. to let me take up garage space or store a dory by the house, this might just be your ticket. If you’re stuck between choosing a raft or a drift boat, this might be a happy compromise.

Because the Clearwater Drifter purportedly offers some of the advantages of both worlds—namely the ability to bounce off rocks like a raft, and the maneuverability, fish-ability, and open space of a dory. (It’s 18-feet long and 82-inches wide when inflated to around 9 psi.) It’s definitely priced more than the average raft at just under $6,000 retail. And I’m not entirely sure how a light (300 pounds) higher-profile boat like this would handle on windy days

I’m not sure how a boat that light will do in a heavy upstream wind (no boat I’ve rowed does great in a wind like that)… but I can see the immediate appeal for many anglers. This is the drift boat for the guy who can’t talk his wife into letting him dedicate a space in the garage, or leave it under a tarp in front of the house.

The model shown in the article is a prototype, and production models won’t be available until 2013!!!!!!!



10 May

Last weekend Ryan, Chris and I teamed up for the 2nd time to redeem ourselves at the 4th annual Greenbrier River Float and Fly Smallmouth Tournament.  Redeem ourselves we did.  TEAM SCOF ended up winning the whole dam thing, and by a big margin.  Our team scored around 175 inches (12 inches or bigger scores), second place was around 75.  I ended up taking top spot for overall individual inches at around 90 (lost about 35 inches with 2 spit hooks) and Ryan came in a close second with 80-ish, but Ryan gets the team prize for figuring out which fly was gonna WORK.  Chris, well Chris lost his MOJO.  The day before the tournament we fished the New River due to clarity issues on the Green and Chris was a big fish landing son of a bitch.  He hung in there though, didn’t complain and quit on us to early.  Weather wasn’t the best, very little sun and some occasional hard rain.  Perfect fishing weather.  I would venture to say that over 3 days of fishing we caught probably 300 smallmouth and 150 rock bass with a few other species mixed in there.  Dam RIGHT IT WAS A GOOD WEEKEND!!!!

Charlie Murphy

S.C.O.F. Magazine issue #3 Spring is Here

22 Apr

The fly Stop….umm-Ummmm Good.

3 Feb

Searching the web for a great price to load your fly boxes full for your next trip?  Search no farther!!!  The Fly Stop is place to go.  We’ve been using them for around 5 years now and I still have flies from my first purchase that have made the trip from box to line to a fishes mouth and back countless times.  Yes a few have been donated to the fly gods way up in the trees and deep down to the river bottom gremlins.  Unlike most other flies you won’t think about stripping down and either climbing a tree or taking a swim to get them back.  Most are priced in a way you could buy 2 to 5 for the same price you would pay at your local shop (support your local shop somehow) or at that fancy place with the big O.  Give it look, buy some flies, pack them in a fly stop box and tell him we sent you.  Each fly purchased with a BRM recommendation with be blessed with the sand collected from our boots.

Ooooo MooseKnuckle where Have u Been all my Life?

20 Jan

Ever find yourself struggling to find your tippet?  Nippers?  Hemos?  Weights? What about your car key?  How about when find yourself fishing in the rain, snow or just plain freezing ass cold weather and you have reached into your pockets so many times that you have soaked everything inside or your pocket is frozen shut.  Like a fly fishing accessory poet, MooseKnuckle tells the world Never-More and brings us a Laynard with a long overdue swagger, design and style upgrade.  Worthy enough to be worn around some of the most die-hard fly fishing necks on the planet, maybe even the galaxy.  Be it your desire to just fish out of your pockets instead of a pack in the summer or the need for organization.  Employing the Moose Knuckle Lanyard and Universal Tippet Caddy is the way to go.  With 3 different designs to suit your needs for look and function I can guarantee you will look no farther for your next lanyard.

Carbon Fiber Lanyard ™

Stainless Steel Lanyard ™

Fiberglass Lanyard ™

What is a Lanyard without accessories?  Just a fancy necklace with a few clips and beads right?  The MooseKnuckle chief has spread the lanyard seed throughout the fly fishing community’s of the North East South and West.  Which will surely bring about more innovative gadgets and redesigns like the Universal Tippet Caddy.  Stay tuned for more from TEAM MOOSE.

Universal Tippet Caddy ™

The 4 handed Crossover Technique, I Usually have to Pay Extra for That.

12 Jan

I’ve jammed many a rod together in the past, which always results in 1 of 2 things happening.  Snap or Thouump (the good sound).  I’ve tried many things before all either recommended to me or things that I’ve read about online.  I won’t go into them all because the scars run deep and therapy is getting expensive.  I will tell you about one that has worked and makes complete sense.  It’s all about leverage!!!


After using the slight of hand rod purchasing trick with the wife I was able to pick up a redington CPX 8wt for a trip up to New York.  Somehow after unpacking at the lodge I managed to jam 2 of my rod sections together.  Louis, with his Yedi like hands, watched a little as I continued to struggle before interveining with an easy trick to get them apart.  Literally took 2 seconds.  Instead of confusing you, I’ll save myself the time and effort of tying out how to do this and just let you watch a video that was put together by some funny guys over at Pacific Fly (video found on EVOanglers).

Memory Vault: One Long Day

1 Jan

The 2nd ridiculously rewarding thing we did on our trip out West took place on the night before our last day of fishing in Idaho.  Thank god (or your deity of choice) we all agreed to head back and hit up the hotel again for a good nights sleep, showers and a good meal.  I really just wanted to snuggle with Chris again.  This was probably one of the best decisions, unknowingly, since that next day turned into a LONG ONE!!  Up at dawn, no need to eat because of the massive portions from the meal we had the night before.  The HO was packed and ready to go so we headed for coffee, gas and then the quick hump down to the stream.  We fished pretty much all day, getting off the stream with little light left in the day.  Dropped off the boat at premier and took a quick tour of the Premier Oars and Blades shop with ? Guy who’s name I forget; he had a hat completely covered in used streamer flies and he let me pet him like a dog the whole time.  We headed for a quick bite to eat at a diner/gas station (Rockies) that had one of the best burgers that I have ever eaten in my life—bar NONE!

It was Ryan’s turn to drive in the daily rotation of things, Chris had backseat which would have been the place to be, and I had Co-Pilot.  Our destination was Cody which would take us in through the South gate and out the East gate of Yellowstone park at night………this should be fun.  The nice lady at the gate entrance who’s birthday had to end in B.C. told us to go the speed limit because the park police are always out (our white Tahoe looked just like-em) and the wildlife is always crossing the road.  She said, “Someone hit a bison a few weeks back and the bison won.”  About 3 minutes after leaving the gate a fox ran across the road.  Now I’ve seen plenty of fox’s in my life but come on this thing looked like at least 30 pounder.  It’s probably about 1030  to 11pm when we started into yellowstone and Cody was a solid 1.5-2 hrs away and we had to still hit up wally-world for a license and set-up camp.  Suddenly Ryan hollered out BISON BISON!!!  Chris and I both pooped in our pants a little and looked in Ryan’s POV and nothing.  He flipped a U-turn and headed back and the SOB was standing right in the middle of the road.  As black as NIGHT with a dull reflection off it’s eyes that really didn’t help reflect any light at all.  WOW those F-in things are BIG.  We could have hit that thing going the speed limit 35 or a little more and it would have done nothing but put the engine in our laps and just pissed off the bison.  He slowly walked across the 2-lane and disappeared into the darkness, like a big drunk dude staggering home from the  bar alone.  We made our way to wally-world, then backtracked about 30 minutes to camp.  Set-up shop and went to bed at about 3-330 am only to wake up when the sun hit out tents.  From this moment on in Wyoming it was a Trout Catching Marathon!!!!

This might be my favorite warning sign of all-time.