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Another Pictorial installment of Operation Marsh Donkey

6 Nov

The depression is still festering in my soul since we returned from the Deep dark southern badlands of Louisiana.  All I have left are videos and pictures to remind me of what a great fishery they have.  There is a light at the end of the Depression tunnel.  A return after bulls in February and the plans for an annual excursion.


Marsh Donkeys 1st installment

13 Oct

Back from the Dirty south and it was EPIC!!!!  Despite being early for the running of the big red bulls there were plenty of local drums around the bang on.  I would like to ramble on and tell a story but I’ve been beating keys on the computer for 2 weeks compiling film and editing photos.  Enjoy a few pics.

Virginia is for Musky Lovers 2nd Edition (Rated aRe)

28 Sep

Ya’ma Ya’ma Yaaaaaa’ma.

5 Jul

Help a brother out and vote, for your favorite of course…….or for my Virginia River Musky.  Although personally I love the Snicky Snicky Gar Gar toting cowboy.

Moldy Chum Slab of the Month > June 2012 Slabs of the Month

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GimmiE Some!!!

17 Jun

Operation Shock and Awe.

9 Jun

The nightmares of shadows following are finally gone.  The screams of a taught line gone limp have been replaced by boat shaking celebration, man hugs, high 5’s, and that mystic chant of Ya’ma Ya’ma Ya’ma Yaaaaa’ma that seems to drive musky wild.

Mohawk Pic.PNG
I’m pretty sure my childhood nightmares of Spike the Gremlin are the same that I have now as a now grown child fighting myself to sleep being chased by musky.  A few days ago Ryan had the bright idea to go on a fish and film for musky.  Throwing all the chips on the table and betting on musky.  Not a smart bet.  When it comes to trying to capture film on a beast that will only show itself about 1 in every 7 million cast.  Or so it seemed.  Both of us had caught skis before, be it by accident, divine intervention or, my favorite, extreme skills. Fishing for theses beast and trying to film them for a world renowned magazine like Southern Culture on the Fly?  Now come on thats way to much pressure……or is it?  You put Ryan and I together with fish and film on the brain.  Magic will happen, with or without those DaM musky.  Trust me, I’ve been there and seen him take one for the team.  It’s not pretty.
Ryan did what any semi-intellegent person would do under these circumstances.  He put down the porn and searched the web looking for lovers.  And he found them in Virginia, the state for lovers.  Apparently musky lovers.  Blane Chocklett (no thats not his stage name) and Jake “I don’t know what to do” Grove of New Angle Fishing Company agreed to bring us along, cameras in tow on a musky outing.  I could go on about how great these 2 were to simply hang out with.  2 great fishermen, true stewards of the waters.  Unbelievably good fishermen who can create real works of art behind a tying vice.  If your ready to learn how to chase the beast or simply cross off the musky from your fly fishing bucket list then these 2 are the guys to contact.  They are moving multiple fish and hooking up far more often than not.  96 I think is what their numbers were on boated fish since january 1st 2012, 17 in the boat in ONE day, yes I said ONE day alone and with clients.
I’ll stop here as I don’t want to ruine the upcoming short video that will come to fruition July 14th-ish in S.C.O.F Magazine.  OOOOO-but wait, there will be MORE TO COME in the future with these to fools.
Charlie Murphy
I’m Rich Bitch!!!!!

Dave and Ryan go Tarpon Fishing….or don’t they?

15 May

Featured in Southern Culture on the Fly Magazine.  I waited patiently by the phone for the call to go, I hate to wish harm on a friend but all I wanted was a temporary illness or injury.