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Quick Somebody shoot that Thing!!!

19 Mar

Derek Kuehl of Hayward, WI describes muskie flies in a way that no one else can.  “If, when you pull a fly out you don’t hear drums and can’t smell chicken blood in the air, put it back in the box, for if it is evil you seek, then it can only be conjured with the same.”  I’ve been searching the web over the last year or more for the best musky patterns the milky way has to offer.  I love to tye flies, especially this type of BIG FLY.  I have been on the stream before and watched my fishing partner get out of the boat boat and go in over his head after a big fly that he had tied for roughly an hour the night before.

Jason and I have been on the water a few times this winter and early spring putting flies and gear to the test on the water.  So far so good.  Just a few tweaks to our flies should have us dialed in.  Fly fishing for musky takes a lot time and effort to perfect yet still you may never even see a glimpse of a fish, let alone actually catch one.  Tossing 2 pounds of fur and feather 30 plus yards takes time to get used to, so does the repetitive stripping and figure 8 at the boat.  It all just doesn’t seem natural after years of casting dry flies and what we thought were BIG streamers.  The water is warming up as we speak and the musky bite will only get better as the temperature goes up.  Hopefully we will have a few fish to the boat soon.

Here are a couple of videos that will help you build a pattern to take some unique design steps and add them to your current patterns.


The fly Stop….umm-Ummmm Good.

3 Feb

Searching the web for a great price to load your fly boxes full for your next trip?  Search no farther!!!  The Fly Stop is place to go.  We’ve been using them for around 5 years now and I still have flies from my first purchase that have made the trip from box to line to a fishes mouth and back countless times.  Yes a few have been donated to the fly gods way up in the trees and deep down to the river bottom gremlins.  Unlike most other flies you won’t think about stripping down and either climbing a tree or taking a swim to get them back.  Most are priced in a way you could buy 2 to 5 for the same price you would pay at your local shop (support your local shop somehow) or at that fancy place with the big O.  Give it look, buy some flies, pack them in a fly stop box and tell him we sent you.  Each fly purchased with a BRM recommendation with be blessed with the sand collected from our boots.

Another Reason to Hate Winter

5 Nov


Ryan Dunne and Heath Cartee team up for some fall carp action. Carp fishing isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. So when we set out to shoot this video for the first issue of Southern Culture on the Fly we figured we would wrap it up in one outing. Well we were wrong, cold fronts, wind, boat issues, and spooky carp made it a several day endeavor. Not to mention our main HD cam took a swim on the last day. Look for more carp video down the road.

We would like to thank William Joseph Fly Fising and Moose Knuckle Lanyards for the gear!

I Live in a Pineapple Under the SEA!!!!

15 Mar

After watching the Zero 2 Hero trailor about 10 times I finally noticed a fly they used called the Sponge Bob Square Head fly.  Here are my attempts with a few additions to the pattern…….as you can see I’ve been using my Imaginarium.

Foam is where the Heart is.

15 Mar

Winter… thing it does for sure is make me think of warmer times, when fishing can take place in almost any form of H2O.  During the winter months my best friend is my Vice, I call her Tweeker.   I’m  loosing my fucking mind me thinks?  I think it might be all the fumes from the various sharpies, super glue, head cement and epoxy concoctions that I’ve been using to create my latest forms of fake fish food.  Is it a bad thing if sometimes super glue puts off a smoke with certain materials?  What about when you mix the expoy in a plastic cup and it gets so hot you can’t touch it?  Am I the only one or did I just not read the directions?  So here are the 2 flies I’m learning to tye …..with some instructional help from Hatches Magazine. 

1.  Todd’s Wiggle Minnow  (It’s like money in the bank.)  

2.  The Zaggin Zook   (Just wait till you see this sized up to about a 0/2 hook!!!)

Southern Culture On The Fly Is Throwing A Tying Party

12 Jan

I figured putting out a new magazine was leaving a little too much free time on my hands (idle hands are the devil’s workshop and all that jazz), so to remedy the situation, we I have decided to try our hands at philanthropy. We are proud to announce our first ever SCOF event, The Tie-One-On-A-Thon, benefiting Project Healing Waters. Have you ever been hit up to pledge for a walk-a-thon? Well, we thought this was a pretty inane way to raise money for something. Walking around in a circle for hours only gets you back to where you started, but tying flies for hours on end gets you a butt load of flies…a much better trade-off in our opinion. So we are inviting some of the region’s best fly tiers down to SCOF headquarters (i.e. Steve’s art studio) on February 27th, for a good old-fashioned winter tying session. The tiers will all collect pledges based on either how many flies they tie or for how many hours they tie.  Since we are gonna have about 25-35 tiers at this thing we can’t exactly keep folks out, so instead, we are gonna charge to get in.  The price of admission will reflect the tough economic times that fly fisherman face these days and will be a small pittance in exchange for a Sunday spent checking out some of the region’s best tiers and how they do (and yes, I am hip enough to say that).We are also gonna be selling Tie-One-On-A-Thon fly collections from all the tiers after the event with 100% of the proceeds from the event going towards healing veterans with fly fishing. Curtis Wright Outfitters has already signed on as a presenting sponsor for the event, which should give a certain whiff of legitimacy to the whole affair, and we have set up an information page on our website for the event (which can be reached off our homepage). So mark your calendars for February 27, 2011 and check the website and blog for updates on details, as we will be throwing them up as we get them. Oh yeah did I mention the local beer and roasted swine on tap? I always forget to mention that. Should be a good one.

– Dave


Add Stripper Glitter to your Fly Tying Arsenal

10 Jan

The Morrish Mouse Bling Edition.  1- Apply thread to hook.  2-Shave 3/4 of the hair off a rabbit strip leaving hair on the end not tied to hook.  3-Tye aforementioned rabbit strip to hook.  4-Tye in 2 pieces of stacked foam.  5-Tye in another rabbit strip and wrap it forward leaving room at the eye for finishing.  6-Fold foam over rabbit strips and tie off in whatever fashion floats your boat.  7-Coat the top of the foam with superglue and sprinkle on a little stripper dust. 

What to target with it—-Cats (please debarb your hooks), other mice or rats during breeding season, Trout, Musky, Pike, Bass of the Large and Smallmouth variety and also something in the saltwater world.

I had a little stripper dust on my shirt and decided to brush it on a moorish  just to give the fly a little BLING!  I love strippers and they Love U.  Amazingly enough while researching in our lab for more information on stripper glitter I found some interesting yet educational information.

THINGS TO DO WITH STRIPPER GLITTER.  More info HERE (really funny shit)

Leave stripper glitter on fax room doorknob and amuse yourself with how far it spreads. 

Put used stripper glitter in your girlfriend’s lip gloss and wait for the magic to rub off on her. 

Put stripper glitter on your boss’s daughter’s husband’s briefcase and wait for your opportunity to get his office. 

Some like to put used stripper glitter on a payphone receiver in the hope the magic spreads across the city. 

Use stripper glitter to begin your lifelong project to convert your apartment into the Taj Mahal using the glitter instead of gold flakes. 

Put stripper glitter in your boss’s coffee cup with the hope the magic changes him forever. 

Sprinkle stripper glitter over your head, and be sure to think happy thoughts. 

Keep stripper glitter in a special container to save for a rainy day. 

Add used stripper glitter to the collar of a shirt and go clubbing. The girls will swarm! 

Some enjoy using stripper glitter to lubricate stuck door handles in the winter because it’s so hot and melts the ice. 

Add used stripper glitter to your comic con costume so you look more super. 

Put stripper glitter on your car air freshener to make it even more fresh. 

Take stripper glitter back to the stripper who lost it, after all, it’s still hers.

Smear stripper glitter on your favorite jig to attract the harder-to-catch super bass. 

Spread used stripper glitter on your teeth to give them that Miss America sparkle. 

Put stripper glitter in box to keep in case there is ever a stripper glitter shortage in the future. 

Put stripper glitter on a dollar to offer to—who else, a stripper! It’s the ultimate tribute. 

Put stripper glitter on a tea bag that you are going to brew for your girlfriend’s mom. Ooh, it’s essence a-la-exotic. 

Mix stripper glitter in your best friend’s ham salad sandwich to show them how much you care.