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The Next Generation-X

26 Nov

The spawn is pretty much over for our fine Brown friends and a new generation is growing under the rocks on the Trashy Treasure.  Mitch and I took a well deserved break from life and headed out to find Leroy and his friends to see if they wanted to come out and play.  The water was oddly low and clear despite two solid days of rain.  We think the flows combined with Leroy’s post spawn lethargy is why the fishing was unusually slow.  It’s kinda scary when you can call a 50 fish day between 2 people a slow day.  We did manage to hook a few nice fish, 1 particularly Dark fish both of us hooked and lost.  It amazes me every time I get to fish this stream, a rare opportunity exists  to catch and/or see fish stretching across the whole life cycle.  I bet I caught 20 fingerling browns and 10 bows in about 1 hour on the last day of the trip swinging soft hackles.  So despite not getting to see or hold old man Leroy or Red it was nice to see all the children out feeding on top and bottom.  Best assure we will be back when Leroy and Red have had time to rest.



Brown Town

28 Nov

A not so recent trip to a place desired by many and known to few.  Raul put on a show catching fish after fish after fish after fish…much like a donkey show only Mitch and I felt like we had been fucked somehow.  The only way to stop him is to hurt him or break all his equipment.  Which we have done in the past with little success.  Someone has a rufie coming to them in the future.  Best part of the trip had to be when I went searching for Ryan.  I knew the general area where he would be but I couldn’t access the stream but I could walk along side it.  After I spotted him I thought it would be fun to smash him in the head with a rock.  Ryan had something in store for me though.  As I looked over the ledge with a giant rock held high ready to pummel him he turned and flashed a monster brown at me, with a look on his face like a kid showing off his new bike to his poor friends at Christmas.  The fish is pictured below but the pic doesn’t do it justice.  If I would have just hit him with the rock I could have stolen all his glory.

Tuesday Rationalization: Snout Soup

17 May

05/17/2010:  I know today is reserved for Tuesday rationalization, but we ain’t gotta rationalize shit when we get to fish.  That means our rationalizing is working.  Now on to the fishing.  I chose the title Snout Soup for my beloved brother-in-law, because I know how much he loves to hear the phrase “Snout Soup”.  Anyone who is anything of a fly fisherman in or near West Virginia knows of the Elk river and it’s infamous annual “Snout Soup” dance of the mayflies.  And no there is no dancing nor is anyone eating actual fish snout soup, although it is good….very good.  I’m going try to keep my storytelling to a minimum because I know none of our readers could possibly have a very long attention span (Nymph-O get your hand out of  your pants and finish looking at this post!).

The primary objective:  Catch Trout

Secondary Objective:  Film and Photograph Trout

Objective Outcomes:  Success

Great day on the water till about 5pm with the masses started to accumulate, in which i’m sure are there usual spots.  Rocks were piled up into chairs and the fishermen sat, waiting for the mayfly dance to happen.  Kinda like sitting away from the stage at the tittie bar just waiting for the good-looking girls to dance.  Ugly, small, short, fat, smart, stupid it doesn’t matter, get off your ass and pay homage.  

elkriver2010004.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010025.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010024.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010023.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010020.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010017.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010016.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010015.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010013.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010012.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010011.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010010.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010007.jpg picture by Bentrod2010


North Branch Part Deux

6 May

Every year we head North to the Maryland , West Virginia line to fish the North Branch Potomac tail water. Last year was a banner trip, lots of fish, and numerous fish landed over 20 inches. This year was another story,well at least the first part of the trip.

Last years pics !

Number 2 within 20 mins !

After working all day on thursday, I loaded the truck, and hit the road. One Redbull and a 5 Hour Energy shot and I was hopping. It was the longest 7 hours of my life, my body was tired, but my eyes were wide open from all the energy supplements.  I wheeled into the Savage River State Forest and set up camp around 6 in the morning. Murph, Mitch and Jeff (aka Shawn) wheeled in shortly after I did.

I had a quick pepperoni roll breakfast along with a redbull and I was set. We launched the boats , run shuttle, etc and were fishing by 9:30.

Evidently WV had just stocked the put and take section above the Catch and Release section, cause the hoards had converged on that section of river. It was a sight!

What a Pussy! Nice day on the river and he is sick!

On to the fishing, or lack of good fishing. It was a killer day weather wise, 80 plus degrees, sunny, bluebird skies, but the fish were hunkered down. I managed a few fish, but the one that stuck out in my mind was the Cutthroat I landed after lunch.

Murphy seemed to have the hot fly for the day, because he was catching three fish to my one. Mitch was sick and slept through most of the float. Jeff kept changing flies until Murphy graciously gave him one of the special flies he used to rake fish. I reverted to the streamer game and had many follows and missed strikes, but none seemed to want to commit.  So needless to say, Friday wasn’t a banner day. But we were on the water and that is what counts.

Saturday we fished the section Below Westernport where the dirty water discharge from the paper plant stains the river. Our amigo Otto had joined us for the remainder of the weekend. Jeff left earlier that Morning and Murphy left for Florida the night before (might I add Murphy is a giant D-bag for bailing on the rest of the weekend).  According to some this section of river holds the biggest fish. But man its an ugly float for the most part. A difference of daylight and dark when you compare it to the upper section we floated Friday. Anyways, the fishing was steady, and a lot better than Friday. Most fish were cookie cutters, a few 14 inchers, and one lost 16+, and a few bass in the mix. We found the flashier the fly the better.

We floated for about 8 hours, wading and exploring some side channels along the way. After the float Mitch decided to call it a day early and head home. Otto and I returned to camp for some dinner and beer. Shortly after we get back Otto found some fresh Morrell’s that had taken up residence under a tree near our tents. We threw together some fired potatoes and deer back strap for dinner, drank some beer and watch the fire. Shortly after polishing off some beer a MD DNR officer showed up. He was checking   see if we had paid the camping fees and to inform us that Maryland had just passed a law starting in 2010 regarding the possession of Alcohol on State lands. Well this was new to us, and since we were from out-of-town and the law just went into effect. he let us off with a warning. I will say he was a rely nice guy, and he filled us in on some really good fishing spots.

Sunday we awoke to cloudy skies and fog. It had rained during the night. We packed up camp ate some pop tarts and headed back to float the Barnum section, and get some redemption on the fish that had eluded us on Friday”s float. After dropping a truck at the takeout, we arrived at the put in just as the rain started back. There was a dense fog blanketing the river as well. We launched and worked our way down to the C and R section. It seemed like a great fishing day. Cool temps, a light rain, and a little fog cover. As soon as we anchored I nailed two fish and lost two more. This continued for the next several holes. The fish were definitely eager to eat. At one point I watched a nice bow come up and eat on the surface and return to the depths. One cast later he ate my nymph and gave up a hell of a fight.  Otto was nailing an equal amount of fish as well. he was drifting a crawdad pattern along rock ledges and was cleaning house. My only question at this point was ” Where the hell were these fish on Friday”, it seemed like a totally different river.

Poor critter didn't make it across!

As it neared lunch time we pulled the boat off at a killer wading spot to fish and eat. We decided to wade out and fish for a few. After a few casts I hear Otto holler big fish, so I made a mad dash for the boat to retrieve the net and stumble down to him. Sure enough it was a big fish, and she had no plans of giving up. After slipping and sliding to get down river and sneak up on this slab I was able to net her. We snapped a few pics and Otto released her unharmed.

On my way to fish a side channel, and I am confronted by this pissed off goose!

The rest of the day we floated drank some beer, and slapped streamers.  Knowing I had a 7 hour drive back, we decided to call it a day at 4:30.


The search for Freak Nasty

17 Nov

Freak Nasty is defined as: Describing something vulgar or exceeding the norm of acceptable nasty content.

Example : “dude, did you see the wedgie on that fat chick”… Yeah that was Freak Nasty

Ok, well we have our own definition of Freak Nasty.

Bent Rods definition: Describing one nasty looking fish, usually obese, disgustingly big, and almost always sports one mean looking kype. One that prefers its meals large, and as many women as it can get.

With visions of Freak Nasty on our minds the BRM crew and I loaded the wagon headed North. We had three days and miles of water to cover. It was gonna be a blitzkrieg style trip, little sleep, lots of junk food, and the smell of rotten salmon.

$5.00 if you take one bite!

We spent three days fishing our asses off. We woke well before dawn to hit the water before the hoards, we explored new stretches of water, we tied on countless flies.  The fishing wasn’t easy, most of the fish had seen everything but the kitchen sink, and the unusually warm weather and blue bird skies took a toll on the fishing. Like most people we stocked a small flyshop in our packs, but as luck would have it, we were back at the vise concocting new patterns to doop those wary fish.

For those who haven’t fished Western NY, the land is flat, the corn, cabbage, apples, and roads are endless. There are countless tribs flowing into Lake Ontario, and some of the biggest baddest browns, steelhead, and salmon around. The area is best described as poor mans Patagonia, with a strong emphasis on poor mans, as the crowds will give you nightmares.

NY2009062.jpg picture by bentrodmedia3

Most of the trip was a blur, I am not sure if it was the lack of sleep due to Murphy’s snoring, or the visions of my hands around Mitch’s throat for stealing the net and costing me the fish of the trip. It was a crazy three days, fish were lost, rods were broke, and after a slow, slow first day on the water we re- grouped and found Freak Nasty, not just one but many. I learned one thing, never let Mitch carry the net, he will stick the proverbial knife in your back every time. Mitch is now known as D-bag (Sorry Dave, you have been promoted).

Here is a collection of our Freak Nasty pictures from the trip.


One of the little ones

Mr. Freak Nasty

Murph's Atlantic

 NY2009044-1.jpg picture by bentrodmedia3

NY2009046-1.jpg picture by bentrodmedia3


Is that a shark or a steelhead?

 NY2009054.jpg picture by bentrodmedia3

NY2009084-1.jpg picture by bentrodmedia3

NY2009051-1.jpg picture by bentrodmedia3

There were still a few around.


NY2009081.jpg picture by bentrodmedia3
NY2009065-1.jpg picture by bentrodmedia3

NY2009052.jpg picture by bentrodmedia3

I think I crapped my pants! Seriously, I feel something wet!

 Picture038-1.gif picture by bentrodmedia3

Friday is Picture Day……Dammmm Yankees Edition

13 Nov

11/13/09: Another Reason to Hate Canada

I know, we just returned from WNY and everyone expects some big time fishy porn. All that you savages are getting for now is a few pictures of Niagara Falls. The next presidential platform should be based on building a dam on the Niagara river to restrict flow over the Canadian side of the falls. Why? The Canadian side of the falls is much much much more scenic, but only because our water runs over it.