28 Sep

Operation Red Red-Rum nears……..should be STINKY!!!

Southern Culture On The Fly

I am in the middle of the work week and all I can think about is étouffée and bull reds. We head to the bayou next week to film and photograph the saltwater feature for the next issue. The trip is gonna be slightly off the hizzie (I just said that). We’re hanging out with Capt. Gregg Arnold and his crew for the week so I figure it might be appropriate to share with you all what I have been doing this week instead of working…looking up redfish film noir on the vimeo. Enjoy, because I know we will.

…and last but not least some tips from Capt. Gregg for coming down to fish Louisiana. I think I might be getting yelled at…

– Dave

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Virginia is for Musky Lovers 2nd Edition (Rated aRe)

28 Sep

Fallen Brother.

6 Sep

On August 31, 2012 the world lost a great son.  A senseless act of crime has taken away a quite legend amongst West Virginia Musky fishermen.  The state has lost a officer.  JADE has lost his owner.  A mother and father have lost a son.  A sister has lost a brother.  A niece has lost an uncle.  And the Musky have lost a great friend.

What saddens me the most is that I didn’t get to call you friend but for a shot time.  We will all miss you….R.I.P.-Donkey!

It’s like half dog half cat……it’s a Cog?

21 Aug

The NRS Clearwater Drifter (Field and Stream)
Check out this drift boat… no really… look closer… can you tell what makes it special? It’s a drift boat. No, it’s an inflatable raft. Actually, it’s both—an inflatable watercraft that has a frame and is shaped like a dory. This boat generated a lot of buzz at IFTD, and actually won a “Best of Show” award in the watercraft category.

It’s inflatable. The Clearwater Drifter ($5995 MSRP) is made of drop stitch PVC, can be inflated to around 9 psi, which creates a rigid, framed dory that offers the ability to bounce off rocks like a rubber raft, yet track quietly and silently like a drift boat. It’s 17 feet long, and 82 inches wide at the beam between oarlocks.

The boat is made of drop stitch PVC. The cool part is that it can be shipped via UPS in a surprisingly small box, frame and all. What that really means is that it can be broken down and stored in the corner of a garage, or transported to the river in the back of an SUV or station wagon. You don’t need to trailer it, but you could. If you’re someone like me who has always wanted a drift boat, but has never been able to convince the Mrs. to let me take up garage space or store a dory by the house, this might just be your ticket. If you’re stuck between choosing a raft or a drift boat, this might be a happy compromise.

Because the Clearwater Drifter purportedly offers some of the advantages of both worlds—namely the ability to bounce off rocks like a raft, and the maneuverability, fish-ability, and open space of a dory. (It’s 18-feet long and 82-inches wide when inflated to around 9 psi.) It’s definitely priced more than the average raft at just under $6,000 retail. And I’m not entirely sure how a light (300 pounds) higher-profile boat like this would handle on windy days

I’m not sure how a boat that light will do in a heavy upstream wind (no boat I’ve rowed does great in a wind like that)… but I can see the immediate appeal for many anglers. This is the drift boat for the guy who can’t talk his wife into letting him dedicate a space in the garage, or leave it under a tarp in front of the house.

The model shown in the article is a prototype, and production models won’t be available until 2013!!!!!!!

12 Aug

Got what it takes to beat one of SCOF’s two premier carp teams?

Southern Culture On The Fly

The first ever Carp tournament where the anglers will be fouler than the fish. Bang on the poster for all the details.

– Dave

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Boat’s -N- HoEs

22 Jul

O-How I love to fish from a boat, preferably with some HoEs but usually it’s a stick party.  It’s amazing how I hate to even think of wade fishing anymore, miles of walking followed by more miles walking back.  I end up carrying around way to much stuff since I’m used to carrying everything I might possibly need to catch anything from bluegill to great white sharks.  Anymore when I look at a stream, I’m looking for possible way to navigate through it in my raft or John Boat.  I guess it’s part of the evolution, I’m looking for big fish.  Big fish need big water.  If your gonna fish big water, then you gotta be able to cover lots of water and what better way than from a boat.

Where do I begin with boats?  Rafts in the 1-man, 2-man, 3 man versions.  Wooden drift boats, fiberglass, composite plastics, or aluminum.  It all depends on what type of water your gonna fish, how good your are behind the oars or if you can run a prop or jet motor.  There really is no boat that will work in every type of water.  If I had to choose something it’s would be one of the Towee boats or New hog island skiff, but still there are streams that I have fished where only a raft will do.

I’ve also come to realize that boats with a motor, A.k.A. “motorboats” come with way to many rules and regulations.  “Thankfully I’m old enough not to require a boater safety exam, but you can get your Virginia Boating License online here.  But I have bought me a shiny new whistle and 3 four dollar life vests that I don’t have to wear.  I can’t wait to go to the DMV and get all these fancy tags and licenses, I’m sure it will only take a few minutes.

Musky? Yes Please.

17 Jul

Ryan with his first river Donkey. He got to enjoy the fabled figure-8 eat from a fish that came from under the boat out of nowhere.

Roughly a month ago Ryan and I were fortunate enough to hunt, film and photograph the freshwater Barracuda with of New Angle Fishing Company in Virginia.   If you are looking to chase after the elusive Musky and don’t have or don’t want to put in the time to figure them out on your own, New Angle is the group to choose.  Jake and Blane have them DIALED IN!!!  They are a cool duo that will teach you the skills needed and have  the river knowledge to put you on fish.  They are the x-factor in the numerical stance of the fish of 10,000 casts.  ENJOY….more to come.

My first big musky on the fly. He broke the surface to eat, i’m pretty sure he was waiting for a squirrel to fall out of a tree.

Video featured in S.C.O.F. Magazine issue #4