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Tennessee Pusher

18 Mar

The camping gear is finally dry and the yota is sparkling, that means our Tennessee weekend is over.  3 days of slinging big chunks of meat on 8 weights would typically scare away the average fly fisherman, but with the thought of turning a 30 inch fish burnt into our minds it didn’t matter how much work we would have to put in.  I met up with Chris and Ryan friday around 2-ish for a late afternoon float on the upper So-Ho.  Ryan doesn’t need an introduction, no one likes him and he always catches a big fish bla bla bla.  But Chris has just returned to the States after serving our country, doing what I’m really not sure but i have a few ideas, and he’s glad to be back.

The following day we picked up a few players from the Drake Forum including the man who has touched the ass of every bass on the Holston River, Randy “Super Awesome” Ratliff.  With all 4 boats locked and loaded we launched all 4 crafts (1 hyde, 1 lavro, 1 x-13, and 1 clackacraft) from the campground and began to covered every nook and cranny of the next 14 miles of river all the way into Bluff City.

Sunday the decision was made to do some exploring since it was the weekend and it was absolutely beautiful outside which meant every guide and average joe would be out on the water. We were down to 2 boats and the 4 of us that were left could row and throw so we headed for an untamed section of the Watauga river for an 8 mile float.   The fishing was great all 3 days, plenty of fishing on nymphs and good but low numbers on streamers.  Just about everyone caught fish on nymphs, streamers and dry flies.   No one landed that “Big” fish although the group did turn some big heads which you could tell by the spontaneous outbreaks in loud profane language that could be heard up and down the stream. Including in our boat. I got to add a few more people to the phone list of fishing buddies and I can’t wait to get back down to the So-Ho for some low water action.

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UPDATE:  Today is March 17….got a call from Ryan.  Him and Chris floated the upper section of the Watauga again today and boated at 25 inch brown.  Be sure to check out AppFlyGuides for a report and pics soon to come!!!!!