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Ooooo MooseKnuckle where Have u Been all my Life?

20 Jan

Ever find yourself struggling to find your tippet?  Nippers?  Hemos?  Weights? What about your car key?  How about when find yourself fishing in the rain, snow or just plain freezing ass cold weather and you have reached into your pockets so many times that you have soaked everything inside or your pocket is frozen shut.  Like a fly fishing accessory poet, MooseKnuckle tells the world Never-More and brings us a Laynard with a long overdue swagger, design and style upgrade.  Worthy enough to be worn around some of the most die-hard fly fishing necks on the planet, maybe even the galaxy.  Be it your desire to just fish out of your pockets instead of a pack in the summer or the need for organization.  Employing the Moose Knuckle Lanyard and Universal Tippet Caddy is the way to go.  With 3 different designs to suit your needs for look and function I can guarantee you will look no farther for your next lanyard.

Carbon Fiber Lanyard ™

Stainless Steel Lanyard ™

Fiberglass Lanyard ™

What is a Lanyard without accessories?  Just a fancy necklace with a few clips and beads right?  The MooseKnuckle chief has spread the lanyard seed throughout the fly fishing community’s of the North East South and West.  Which will surely bring about more innovative gadgets and redesigns like the Universal Tippet Caddy.  Stay tuned for more from TEAM MOOSE.

Universal Tippet Caddy ™


Let Me C Your MooseKnuckle.

10 Nov

Another slice of innovation from MooseKnuckle Lanyards.

Universal Tippet Caddy ™

Sick of losing hundreds of dollars worth of tippet to inferior tippet holders?  Or tired of fumbling around with spools of tippet?  Well frankly, so are we!  MooseKnuckle Lanyards Universal Tippet Caddy was designed to be durable, reliable, and extremely light weight.  Worry no longer about having your tippet holder fall apart or having your spools slide all over.  With the Universal Tippet Caddy your tippet will be securely and neatly at your finger tips.  The Universal Tippet Caddy was designed, tested, and manufactured by fly fisherman for fly fisherman!

What makes our Tippet Caddy universal? Simple, our Tippet Caddy is light weight and durable enough to be attached anywhere you want tippet easily accessible.  Lanyards, packs, vests you bet!  Boat, why not?  With the MooseKnuckle Lanyards Universal Tippet Caddy the options are limited only by your imagination!

Universal Tippet Caddy ™ used on a pack.

MooseKnuckle Lanyards Universal Tippet Caddy ™ used on an Orvis Sling pack.

Universal Tippet Caddy™

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Ends
    • Clear Anodizing using Military Specification MIL-A-8625 Type II Class I Process
  • Carbon Fiber Tubing
  • 2 – 80 lb Test Duo-Lock Snaps
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty!

Samples will be available to distributors the first week in November.