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Another Pictorial installment of Operation Marsh Donkey

6 Nov

The depression is still festering in my soul since we returned from the Deep dark southern badlands of Louisiana.  All I have left are videos and pictures to remind me of what a great fishery they have.  There is a light at the end of the Depression tunnel.  A return after bulls in February and the plans for an annual excursion.


Mr Red I miss you SO

31 Aug

Getting the itch and dreaming the dream of chasing down reds. I smell a trip in the making??? Florida, Georgia, Lousiana, Carolinas????? Anyone? Anyone??

Friday is Picture Day: Florida Stink Eye

7 May

05/07/2010:  The Florida Stink EYE!!

It wasn’t a record-breaking day in numbers on in size like I would have hoped.  But I did get my first taste of the previously elusive Red Drum.  This was the 2nd trip I have done with El-Capitan Lemmon and I won’t hesitate to book him again when I get the chance to come back to Fla.  Getting the opportunity to see, cast to, and miss countless reds varying in sizes from 2 pounds to 30 pounds is what is keeping me up at night thinking of the next trip to the Lagoon.  The opportunities were there and I have to admit I missed a few good shots.   Casting was not a problem with Nate positioning the boat so the wind was at my back.  Each cast so beautiful that anyone watching must have thought they were being thrown by the Greek God Zeus himself.   Being able to thrown out every inch of fly line on my reel is something I don’t get to do everyday.  It still amazes me to think how smart these fish are.  Thanks again to Captain Nate for bringing his big long black stick and poling me around for the day. 

28599_403015222632_105452532632_453.jpg picture by Bentrod2010
Me, Happier than a pig taking a Mud Bath after eating 3 day old doughnuts.

redfish097-1.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

redfish102-1.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

I did learn a vital lesson on this trip which helped me concur my arch rival, the STRIPPING BASKET.  After tangling my fly line twice, which is very hard to do, I turned to Nate and told him he better start acting like a guide and guide me around this god for saken stripping basket.  I was stripping out line and dumping it into the stripping basket and then making my casts.  When I needed more line for the following cast I would pull line off the reel and wind it into the stripping basket.  What was happening was that I would always end up with line in the basket going two different directions ending up in some form of knot.  The solution was cast out most if not all the line and start stripping line into the basket leaving only line going in one direction.  It made perfect sense.  One would think someone would put directions on or in the stripping basket. 

redfish116.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

redfish118.jpg picture by Bentrod2010


Tuesday Rationalization: Trip Crossroads

4 May

05/04/2010:  Bailing out on a trip is hard to do, but at least even with out me the trip can still be done.  But I am going to rationalize my ass to Florida after some redfish, sea Trout, and whatever else can be caught with Capt Nate in Mosquito Lagoon.

Check out Capt Nate!!

A Humbling Experience

20 Sep

I was introduced to the long rod at an early age, my dad use to take me trout fishing and we would use Shakespeare Wonder Rods rigged with a night crawler. Over the years I progressed to using flies, and various techniques to catch my quarry . Eventually I was tying my own flies and matching the hatch. Most of my experience came from the high country headwaters of the Southern Appalachians.

Fast forward some fifteen years and I have a wealth of knowledge, so I think. I have fished my way through Central and South America, caught everything from Tarpon to Bonefish to Blue Gill on the fly. I have taken up tailwater fishing with vengeance, and at one point owned three drift boats. One would think that with all these experiences that most anything would come easy by now. So where am I going with this you ask? Well this is where I bring up the Redfish. The Redfish is one of many game fish on my list to seduce with a fly.

Fast forward once again to September 2009. My fishing amigo Frodo and I link up with the El Capitan  Jason Reiger of Skinny Water Charters for some redfish action somewhere in Georgia. We headed out with visions of Redfish in our heads. This will be Frodo’s first redfishing trip and my second. So we are complete beginners to say the least.

Ten minutes into day one I was on the rod and Captain Jason spots a tailer. One O’clock moving left to right cast, cast, cast. I cast and it lands a little short. Captain Jason says 5 more feet and you will be on. I cast a little to the left. Captain Jason then says he’s stopped, give him a minute. So I sit with anticipation. Finally Jason says cast, hes moving again, 30 feet at one o’clock. Boom, I fire a cast. Jason says strip, strip he sees it. I give two fast strips and this triggers the redfish to attack. The fish with his back exposed traveled some three feet splashing water with his tail. He slams the fly like Dave slams a Snikers Bar, I strip set and with a violent turn he rips through the Spartina grass. Before I know it the line goes limp, my heart is pounding, and we are all screaming. What the fuck happened you ask? We forgot the shock tippet, so when this 7 pounder slammed the fly and rushed off the 10 pound tippet folded like Tito Ortiz in his fight against Chuck Lidell.

Needless to say, the rest of the trip went like the first ten minutes. Cast, Cast, he’s moving left to right, right to left, strip, stop, damn it, son of a bitch, fuck, what the fuck, lets change flies, damn the tides. It seemed the hurricane that recently  moved up the coast had the water temps frigged up and the fish were not looking at our flies, it seemed they were feeding before the grass was completely flooded, and were full by the time we got there. Maybe the first fish was a special one or something. I mean Capt. Jason has his stuff dialed in, and knows those flats and fish. Although there was a lack of fish, the scenery more than made up for it. We saw black-tip sharks, dolphins, sting-rays and many types of birds.

It seems I have found my Achilles Heal, the ” Redfish”. To be such an opportunistic feeder, sometime stupid, they have truly humbled me. It was like hunting more so than fishing. It was like I was in a tree stand waiting on that buck to walk into view. I have learned that no matter how dialed you think you are, there is always something that will bring you to your knees (and no not for that you dirty minded scoundrels ). Now I have a personal vendetta for the redfish. Once I get off my lazy ass, I will post some of the tailing footage I filmed.

If you ever find yourself in the Savannah, Ga area and want to chase some reds in an untapped fisherie, give brother Jason a call. His knowledge of the area is second to none.