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Newest Edition to the BRM video Library: The Louisiana Experience

21 Oct

The Louisiana Experience from southern culture on the fly on Vimeo.


Virginia is for Musky Lovers 2nd Edition (Rated aRe)

28 Sep

Operation Shock and Awe.

9 Jun

The nightmares of shadows following are finally gone.  The screams of a taught line gone limp have been replaced by boat shaking celebration, man hugs, high 5’s, and that mystic chant of Ya’ma Ya’ma Ya’ma Yaaaaa’ma that seems to drive musky wild.

Mohawk Pic.PNG
I’m pretty sure my childhood nightmares of Spike the Gremlin are the same that I have now as a now grown child fighting myself to sleep being chased by musky.  A few days ago Ryan had the bright idea to go on a fish and film for musky.  Throwing all the chips on the table and betting on musky.  Not a smart bet.  When it comes to trying to capture film on a beast that will only show itself about 1 in every 7 million cast.  Or so it seemed.  Both of us had caught skis before, be it by accident, divine intervention or, my favorite, extreme skills. Fishing for theses beast and trying to film them for a world renowned magazine like Southern Culture on the Fly?  Now come on thats way to much pressure……or is it?  You put Ryan and I together with fish and film on the brain.  Magic will happen, with or without those DaM musky.  Trust me, I’ve been there and seen him take one for the team.  It’s not pretty.
Ryan did what any semi-intellegent person would do under these circumstances.  He put down the porn and searched the web looking for lovers.  And he found them in Virginia, the state for lovers.  Apparently musky lovers.  Blane Chocklett (no thats not his stage name) and Jake “I don’t know what to do” Grove of New Angle Fishing Company agreed to bring us along, cameras in tow on a musky outing.  I could go on about how great these 2 were to simply hang out with.  2 great fishermen, true stewards of the waters.  Unbelievably good fishermen who can create real works of art behind a tying vice.  If your ready to learn how to chase the beast or simply cross off the musky from your fly fishing bucket list then these 2 are the guys to contact.  They are moving multiple fish and hooking up far more often than not.  96 I think is what their numbers were on boated fish since january 1st 2012, 17 in the boat in ONE day, yes I said ONE day alone and with clients.
I’ll stop here as I don’t want to ruine the upcoming short video that will come to fruition July 14th-ish in S.C.O.F Magazine.  OOOOO-but wait, there will be MORE TO COME in the future with these to fools.
Charlie Murphy
I’m Rich Bitch!!!!!

Another Reason to Protect the little Guys

11 Feb

In almost every corner of the fly fishing world you will find some form of protection for the little native brook trout.  Yes they are delicious, I will admit that in the past I have eaten them a time or 3.  Although at that time I considered it more a form of population control rather than a meal.  10 or more years have passed since my last taste of Native flesh and I have seen how fishing pressure alone can devastate a native brook trout population first hand.

Last Saturday I headed out for the first time in about a year to check on my little local friends. Almost immediately during my visit I got re-schooled on a few lessons that I had forgotten the Brook trout knew how to teach. So the next time you head over to your neighborhood Native Brook trout stream, not only protect it for it’s beauty and it’s rare inhabitants. Protect if for what and how the stream and it’s inhabitants can to each you to be a better fisherman.  Take and teach what we learn on our small native and wild trout streams  and apply them to other waters big and small.

A Few Lessons from the Teachers:

1.  Check your surroundings before you cast (look up and thank the fish god, then over each shoulder.)

2.  Don’t knock Small lines and small rods, they mimic big lines and big rods so bring your A game to the stream.

3.  Small flies + small lines + good knots = A happy fisherman and a happy fish.

4.  Stealth matters:  We don’t realize sometimes how much noise we project and how much backdrop distortion or shadow casting we do on a stream.

5.  Simplify what gear you take so it will be easier to find and manage.

Break OUT your fancY Drinkin Glass S.C.O.F. is here: MAG issuE #2

15 Jan


I like to read mine in the dark, with a big wooden spoon and a full jar of peanut-butter.

The 4 handed Crossover Technique, I Usually have to Pay Extra for That.

12 Jan

I’ve jammed many a rod together in the past, which always results in 1 of 2 things happening.  Snap or Thouump (the good sound).  I’ve tried many things before all either recommended to me or things that I’ve read about online.  I won’t go into them all because the scars run deep and therapy is getting expensive.  I will tell you about one that has worked and makes complete sense.  It’s all about leverage!!!


After using the slight of hand rod purchasing trick with the wife I was able to pick up a redington CPX 8wt for a trip up to New York.  Somehow after unpacking at the lodge I managed to jam 2 of my rod sections together.  Louis, with his Yedi like hands, watched a little as I continued to struggle before interveining with an easy trick to get them apart.  Literally took 2 seconds.  Instead of confusing you, I’ll save myself the time and effort of tying out how to do this and just let you watch a video that was put together by some funny guys over at Pacific Fly (video found on EVOanglers).

Memory Vault: One Long Day

1 Jan

The 2nd ridiculously rewarding thing we did on our trip out West took place on the night before our last day of fishing in Idaho.  Thank god (or your deity of choice) we all agreed to head back and hit up the hotel again for a good nights sleep, showers and a good meal.  I really just wanted to snuggle with Chris again.  This was probably one of the best decisions, unknowingly, since that next day turned into a LONG ONE!!  Up at dawn, no need to eat because of the massive portions from the meal we had the night before.  The HO was packed and ready to go so we headed for coffee, gas and then the quick hump down to the stream.  We fished pretty much all day, getting off the stream with little light left in the day.  Dropped off the boat at premier and took a quick tour of the Premier Oars and Blades shop with ? Guy who’s name I forget; he had a hat completely covered in used streamer flies and he let me pet him like a dog the whole time.  We headed for a quick bite to eat at a diner/gas station (Rockies) that had one of the best burgers that I have ever eaten in my life—bar NONE!

It was Ryan’s turn to drive in the daily rotation of things, Chris had backseat which would have been the place to be, and I had Co-Pilot.  Our destination was Cody which would take us in through the South gate and out the East gate of Yellowstone park at night………this should be fun.  The nice lady at the gate entrance who’s birthday had to end in B.C. told us to go the speed limit because the park police are always out (our white Tahoe looked just like-em) and the wildlife is always crossing the road.  She said, “Someone hit a bison a few weeks back and the bison won.”  About 3 minutes after leaving the gate a fox ran across the road.  Now I’ve seen plenty of fox’s in my life but come on this thing looked like at least 30 pounder.  It’s probably about 1030  to 11pm when we started into yellowstone and Cody was a solid 1.5-2 hrs away and we had to still hit up wally-world for a license and set-up camp.  Suddenly Ryan hollered out BISON BISON!!!  Chris and I both pooped in our pants a little and looked in Ryan’s POV and nothing.  He flipped a U-turn and headed back and the SOB was standing right in the middle of the road.  As black as NIGHT with a dull reflection off it’s eyes that really didn’t help reflect any light at all.  WOW those F-in things are BIG.  We could have hit that thing going the speed limit 35 or a little more and it would have done nothing but put the engine in our laps and just pissed off the bison.  He slowly walked across the 2-lane and disappeared into the darkness, like a big drunk dude staggering home from the  bar alone.  We made our way to wally-world, then backtracked about 30 minutes to camp.  Set-up shop and went to bed at about 3-330 am only to wake up when the sun hit out tents.  From this moment on in Wyoming it was a Trout Catching Marathon!!!!

This might be my favorite warning sign of all-time.